[VISIBLE] from Valorize is a process allowing a business to see, articulate and document its mechanisms through which it produces its results, profitability, competitiveness and its sustainability in order to better valorize them.


Mapping allows to count all of the business assets whether tangibles, intangibles, measured or not, owned or not. This statement of assets can be compared to a portfolio of assets and it then allows businesses to count their assets and make each of their assets count in order to improve the results of their use. 

A business is a portfolio of.assets


Planning is a thinking process that must take into account all of the horizons of a business not in a progressive but in an inclusive way because today’s or current business (core) is now collapsed with the new and emerging trends that represent a future that is getting closer and closer more rapidly then before.

The present, the emergent and the future of.business


In order to better see and constantly improve its performance, compétitiveness, autonomy, automaticity and its sustainability, we help business adopt and document their strategic and operational plans, processes, procedures and norms as well as any other critical information.

Making a business.visible


Valorize represents years of field work, research and validation curated by me, Christian Royer. I have a legal, investment, trading and business background. I am a system thinker and a future integrator more so than a futurist. I believe that the best recipe for success is to use what others have successfully figured out and add our own insights to it. I also believe that challenging the status quo and defining the long game of the future is how we can better excel in the short game.

The future must be a part of strategic planning. Our systematic approach to the future includes 3 steps designed to produced a powerful Insight that “must” lead to Action. (to come)


Whether you have a pressing issue, want to explore what’s possible or strive for the bold and radical, we are here to hear, just drop us a word and we will reach back A.S.A.P.

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